What does a wedding planner do?

As your Wedding Planner I will connect you with vendors that match your particular needs and style, I will take into consideration all your ideas and vision for your big day, your personalities, all while working within your budget. I can then link you with appropriate vendors to create a bespoke wedding day experience, truly reflective of who you are.

We really need some help with managing timing and tracking tasks. Can you help with this?

As your Wedding Planner I will assist you with time management of all wedding tasks leading up to your big day as well as thoroughly managing the timing of each aspect on the day.

I will track tasks and create a plan to help you manage your time in the lead up to the ‘I do’s to assist you to feel in control of your day and vision. This includes task timing, scheduling vendor payments and booking key appointments such as hair and makeup trials, dress fitting, photography meetings, celebrant meetings and food and beverage. As your Wedding Planner it’s my job to ensure that every detail of your wedding is considered, big and small and is planned and scheduled appropriately.

We have planned everything we want for our wedding day already. Why would we need a Wedding Planner to provide Day of Event Coordination?

Engaging me as your Day of Event Coordinator is the ideal option for couples who have already planned every aspect of their wedding day, with a clear vision and know exactly how they want the day to unfold. However, for various reasons have reached the point that they want to hand over the stress of the day to an expert project manager. You and your vendors will they know they are working with a trusted wedding professional on your behalf.

Planning a wedding is a major exercise in project management. Think of your wedding day as the grand finale of months of planning and you are the star attractions. Yes, you may have done all the hard work planning in the lead up to the event, but what happens on the day? Your attention needs to be on you and being present to your day.

This option is ideal, you can engage my services as your Day of Event Coordinator . In this role, I am on the ground, on the day and will ensure your plans unfold exactly as you intended. I will be there from beginning to end to ensure your day flows without a hitch. If there is hitch, I am there on hand to troubleshoot and respond to challenges, most importantly without you or your guests even knowing!

What does a Day of Event Coordinator do on your wedding day?

Let’s face it, no matter how thorough our planning, there are always unforeseen, little snags and complications that unfold.  As your Day of Event Coordinator I am there to prevent and, if need be, problem solve any issues on the day.  It’s my job to know exactly what you want and how you want your day to be and make it happen. I’ve got your back!  

You might be tempted to ask one of your parents or good friends to be the go-to-person on your wedding day. That is an option. Experience has proved this can create other issues on the day and become complicated if you need to ask difficult questions. Remember, your friends and family want to relax and enjoy themselves too.

So why not hand the worry and coordination to me, to act on behalf. I am an experienced in event management experience, even assist to calm any tension. Remember my only agenda is to see your day come to life just as you planned, it is my job, profession and passion!

As your Day of Event Coordinator, I will ensure all those fine details are attended to, ensuring that everything flows according to your plan. This includes implementing the smallest changes to timing, overseeing vendors set up, assisting in placement of personal items, liaising with all your vendors to make sure your wedding day vision is realised.

What are the benefits of engaging me as your All Inclusive wedding planner?

Engaging my services of an All Inclusive Weddings Planner will take the stress and frustration out of the wedding planning process from beginning to end. I will plan and coordinate every aspect of the wedding, including sourcing and liaising with vendors as well as Day of Event Coordination. I know what it takes to plan, create and deliver wedding day that is flawless and truly amazing. 

Planning a wedding can be an overwhelming pressure for some couples. Engaging me as your Wedding Planner I can help you ease that pressure, stepping you through the process, considering all the details that you may not have even considered, linking you with trusted suppliers, and pulling it all together to create a truly memorable occasion that is all about you!

As your wedding planner I will bring my extensive industry knowledge to the planning process, guiding you, linking you and even short cutting the process and saving you time and money.  I want you to enjoy planning your wedding, will engage you as much or as little as you wish. You can have the confidence and peace of mind knowing you and your special day are in safe in the hands of a professional that really cares and is committed to you and your day.

Wedding stress and problem solving. Do I need a Wedding Planner?

Each wedding day is different from the couples, event style, vendors, family dynamics, venues, time of year, weather, food…it is endless. For this reason a well-planned wedding is the first step to prevent problems before they even unfold and lead to a wonderful day.

As your Wedding Planner I ensure each detail is planned appropriately to avoid problems. It’s my job to trouble shoot them and avoid them from happening and importantly creating unnecessary stress that may overwhelm couples.

I project manage your day and intercept problems as they unfold and prevent them from occurring whilst sill managing those personal wedding day needs and requirements. On the outside you will see your day unfold without any complications as I will be there managing and solving each individual problem behind the scenes.

Does a Wedding Planner work to my budget and can you save me money?

Yes, your budget is fundamental in the process of planning a wedding. As an experienced Wedding Planner and event manager, I analyse all costs in a creative way to meet your budget requirements. There is always a way to work around budget constraints to achieve your vision without becoming overwhelmed, stressed or worse broke!

I help your vision come alive whilst taking in to consideration your budget at all times. Ultimately you will save money working with me as your Wedding Planner as I work together with you in the planning process from the beginning to end, clarifying your needs and priorities and assisting you to remain in budget.

This may include sourcing the most appropriate suppliers and vendors that align with your budget or venue. Presenting alternative options allowing you a choice of options prior to committing to unnecessary expenditure